Shows on US Netflix You Can’t Get on Canadian Netflix

how to get US Netflix in Canada

List of Shows Available on US Netflix and NOT on Canadian Netflix

Overall there is much much more US television content on US Netflix than in Canada. I am surprised at what shows are available in Us but not in Canada for example Son’s of Anarchy and Grey’s Anatomy. I’m pretty sure Son’s of Anarchy is even filmed on Canada.
I also think that its worth getting Netflix just to be able to watch all seasons of Friday Night Lights- such a great show!
TV Shows Not on Canadian Netflix but on US Netflix

Star Trek (!!!)
30 Rock
That 70’s Show
Ally McBeal
Desperate Housewives
Everybody Loves Raymond
Family Ties
Friday Night Lights
Gossip Girl
Grey’s Anatomy
Hannah Montana
Keeping Up With the Kardashians
King of the Hill
The Office ( US version)
Law and Order ( 3 versions)
Leave it to Beaver
Malcolm in the Middle
Murder She Wrote
New Girl
Parks and Recreation
Rescue Me
Son’s of Anarchy
The L Word
The Tudors
The West Wing
The Wonder Years
Ugly Betty
Beverly Hills 90210
Children of Men
Degrassi Junior High ( Weird as this is DEFINITELY Canadian as Tim Horton’s)

Movies Not on Canadian Netflix but on US Netflix
Apocolypse Now
The Breakfast Club
Fish Called Wanda
Being John Malkovich
Days of Thunder
Beverley Hills Cop
GlanGarry GlenRoss
Good Will Hunting
Happy Gilmore
Margin Call
Planet of the Apes ( original)
Roman Holiday
The Breakfast Club
The Pianist
Dazed and Confused
The English Patient


  1. Manon says

    Why get Netflix if you cannot watch what you like.? This USA vs Canada or Canada vs USA stinks. Satellite companies. My husband likes it but I don’t ….

  2. Netfan says

    I wish there was a simple list of what is available to watch. There seems to be much more than I ever see offered. Takes forever to sift through and how do you search for what you don’t know?

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