Get US Netflix in Canada

how to get US Netflix in Canada

How to Get US Netflix in Canada

You can in fact have it all. USA  Netflix, UK Netflix- even Netflix from Mexico! You can watch all the content Netflix has to offer-even if you live in Canada. You can access all Netflix content with JUST your Canadian Netflix account. It is easier than you think and I am going to tell you how.

Here is What You Need to Watch American Netflix in Canada:

A US Proxy Service

( free 7 day trial no credit card required) Recommended: UnBlockUs
This will ‘trick” Netflix servers into thinking you are in US. You basically pay 4.99 a month and use DNS settings provided by them in your router settings. That is it. The process from start to finish shouldn’t take you more than 5 MINUTES.

A Netflix account (30 day free trial)
Note- it DOES not have to be a US account. Your existing or new Canadian Netflix account will work.

After you have set up your US DNS with UnBlockUS you van toggle between different Netflix regions. (see image below)

Device to Access and Watch Netflix.
This includes PS3, X-Box 360, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and Tablets ( ie. Nexus 7), Smart TV’s, Wii, Roku, WDTV Live, Apple TV, Smart TV’s. Pretty much all of these have Netflix application pre-installed or easily downloaded.

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to set up. You sign up with just your email address for 7 day trial and then are given set of 2 DNS numbers to change in your wireless router settings. There are easy to follow step by step instructions on how to do but it is pretty easy.

Note: If you are having trouble, have a question or would like some help – let me know and I will try and help!

Step 1- Set up US Proxy
Set up a proxy server that makes it look like you are in US and be able to access “US only” content.
As mentioned I have been using UnBlockUS for close to four years and have set up most of my family with them as well. We have never had an issue. No difference in speed, connection, etc.

2) Set Up Netflix account ( skip if you all read have)

3) Sign in to Netflix on your device. If you are watching with your PS3 OR Wii you need to download from their various app stores. You can also get Netlfix for Android in Google Play and Netlfix in iTunes. Pretty much most media streaming devices will have Netflix pre-installed.

You do not need a credit card to try and they do take Paypal as well if you decide to sign up for either service.
How to Get US Netflix in Canada
My suggestion it to get trial first with both Netflix and UnBlockUs. Don’t have to spend a dime and you will have enough time to test run everything.

NOTE: After you have your router set up with a proxy service you can now access the Netflix.COM site and not the Netflix.CA site.

Change your Netflix Region and Watch Netflix from Any Country While in Canada!

You can just leave your US Netflix as in and never touch it if you like. The odd time you might want to check out content on other countries. Both Canadian and UK Netflix have some great British television shows that they don’t carry in US.
Here is screen shot:
us netflix in canada
As you can see there is a drop down menu with lots of different regions to choose from. Just select which region of Netflix you want to watch. This will affect all the devices on your Network. There is a way to watch two different regions at once if you need to , read my post… if you need to watch US Netflix in one room and Canadian in an other.


  1. peter says

    I am a little unclear how this works in terms of cost. I pay the monthly fee to unblockus. If I have a netflix account in canada, I pay a monthly fee. If I want to watch netflix US, do I pay an additional monthly fee? Or is that waived because I have a netflix canada account?

    • Lisa says

      @Peter, no you just pay for 1 Netlix account and 1 unblock-US.
      What happens is when you use Netflix with un-Blockus toggled to US netflix – is sees the Ip address on your computer as US.. It will assume you are travelling to Canada from US and let you watch.

  2. Rachel says

    I’m set up with unblockus and it’s working great on my tablet but my new roku stick wont let me play us netflix on my tv. What do I need to do to make it work?

    • Lisa says

      @rachel – what is happening on your Roku stick when you try and watch Netflix? It is Canadian Netflix? Or nothing??

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