get spotify in canada

Get Spotify in Canada

how to get US Netflix in Canada

Spotify is a music streaming service available only in the States. You can create channels by inputting name of an artist or band and it will serve up music similar in genre. You can also download and share playlists i.e. Cello for a Sunday Morning.. Break Up Songs, etc. Spotify works on smartphone, tablet, iPad, computer ios and Android.

Get Spotify in Canada!

There are 3 tiers
Listen on your desktop & laptop
Millions of songs — just hit play
Made possible by ads

Listen on your desktop & laptop
Millions of songs — just hit play
No ads & no commitment

Listen on all your devices
Download music & listen offline
No ads & no commitment
get spotify in canada

How to Get Spotify in Canada

I have used both free and Premium. I do not find the ads intrusive obnoxious. You get a free trial of the Premium when you sign up. I liked the \premium A LOT. I liked being able to download and song or playlist. Also if you have Premium account you can access Spotify without a constant US Proxy service. You just need to be logged in at some point within 14 days from your connection with a us proxy set up.
One feature I love about Spotify is you can download music directly from the app for free. Hear a song or playlist you like and download to listen offline. I use this feature a TON at the gym.

A proxy service is one that re-directs your computers DNS settings. You are literally telling the internet what country you are in… So when you set up a US Proxy it will look like you are in United States.. This is needed to access sites like US Netflix, Spotify and Hulu, etc.

The service I use is UnBlockUS. I liked that there was not only a free trial but for the free trial you dont have to give any payment information til you actually purchase. You get a free 7 day trial when you sign up. At the end of your 7 days they will send you an email asking you if you to buy and then you pay the 4.99 a month with Paypal or credit card.

NOTE: When you set up a US Proxy you can now access other US Only Content like American Netflix, US SiriusXM, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Vudu, etc

Here is What You Need to Get Spotify in Canada:

1) A US Proxy Service ( free 7 day trial no credit card required) Recommended: UnBlockUs
This will “tell” Spotify servers into thinking you are in US. You basically pay 4.99 a month and input new DNS in your router. That’s it. The process from start to finish shouldn’t take you more than 5 MINUTES.

2)A Spotify Account
Sign up with Spotify. I would try the free account first. You get free trial of Premium and you can test run features and see if you like or need to use the paid version.

3) Device to Access and Listen to Spotify
This includes laptop and computers, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and Tablets ( ie. Nexus 7), some Smart TV’s, Roku, WDTV Live, Apple TV, Pretty much all of these have Netflix application pre-installed or easily downloaded. I use on my phone and tablet and connect to bluetooth speakers.

Spotifyin Canada

Step 1- Set up US Proxy
Set up a proxy server that makes it look like you are in US and be able to access “US only” content.
As mentioned I have been using UnBlockUS for close to two years and pretty happy with service. Very stable and does not affect your internet connection or speed in any way.
There are free DNS services available but I got tired of constant connection issues and for the price of a latte worth it to me not to deal with the headaches.

2) Sign Up for Spotify

3) Sign into Spotify on your computer or other device.
There is an app for you computer after you login. I personally will set up my playlists, etc on my laptop and then it is propagated across all my devices, similar to iTunes.
Check out which has like a zillion different playlist in every possible music format you can think of. You can also make your own and share.

Have fun!

If you have issues or questions please post and I will try to help!


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