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how to get US Netflix in Canada

Beware of free VPN services whose business model is to turn you into the product being sold.

Free VPN services, like Hola, can and do insert advertising into the application windows or replace the ads on webcpages you visit.
We have become acclimatized to our private daily habits being mined for data and used for profit.

With the help of other tracking techniques cookies JavaScript :tricks”, we have become a valuable commodity for companies that offer a free VPN service provider.
Be cautious when using a free internet service or VPN provider or use a reputable company like Unblock-US. They do offer a free no hassle, no payment or credit required trial to check ouf if you are unsure if a VPN service is for you.

Here is a list if Free VPN Service Providers for Canada

If you can recommend a free VPN service ,please add in comments sections.

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